Silo Cleaning UK

Safe & Effective Silo Cleaning Services across UK & Europe

Specialists in clearing blockages of Hazardous Materials, Food Stuffs, Aggregate and Solid Fuels

Technicians Experienced in Rope Access, Working at Heights and Confined Spaces

Proprietary Non-Man Entry Systems Minimise Operating Risks

Safe & Effective Silo Cleaning Services UK & Europe

Why choose Buchen-ICS?

Silo Cleaning Services UK

The team at the former Pneumat Systems (Europe) have joined the Buchen Group of companies and will in future be trading as Buchen-ICS Ltd.

We will continue to proved the same silo cleaning service, with the same team.

The Buchen-ICS team look forward to continuing the good relationship we have enjoyed with our clients, with a much improved and highly professional service through the Buchen Group Brand

Buchen-ICS ltd. based in the UK, provide professional silo cleaning services and unlike other companies we specialise solely in one operation, solving bulk storage problems throughout the UK and mainland Europe, including hung-up material, bridging and blockages.




A unique tool developed to allow the clearing of hung up material from the smallest bin or bunker to the largest silo. The portable hydraulic unit uses food grade oil and is powered by an explosion proof motor. Along with our non-sparking, anti static knuckle whips, it meets all the requirements for hazardous environments and is suitable for the food industry.

Bindrill was developed to work in conjunction with Binwhip. If a silo is completely bridged, a flow channel needs to be established to enable the removal of the product. The Bindrill functions in the same way as a mobile oil or hole boring rig. It is driven by the same power unit and control block used for the Binwhip.

Cardox is the answer to removing solid material that is blocking storage vessels. Developed for use in gaseous coals seams, it utilises a release of inert carbon dioxide which eliminates risk of ignition.