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A unique tool developed to allow the clearing of hung up material from the smallest bin or bunker to the largest silo. The portable hydraulic unit uses food grade oil and is powered by an explosion proof motor. Along with our non-sparking, anti static knuckle whips, it meets all the requirements for hazardous environments and is suitable for the food industry.

Binwhip is easily assembled at any access point on top of the bin or silo. The boom extends into the silo to act as guide to the cleaning head, knocking down the toughest of material without damaging the vessel walls.

Bindrill was developed to work in conjunction with Binwhip. If a silo is completely bridged, a flow channel needs to be established to enable the removal of the product. The Bindrill functions in the same way as a mobile oil or hole boring rig. It is driven by the same power unit and control block used for the Binwhip.

A hole is bored through the bridged product to create a hole of sufficient diameter to allow the Binwhip to be lowered in and complete the task.

Cardox is the answer to removing solid material that is blocking storage vessels. Developed for use in gaseous coals seams, it utilises a release of inert carbon dioxide which eliminates risk of ignition.

The system consists of a high strength reusable steel tube. A special safety chemical heating is sealed within the gas tight tube. The safety heating receives a small electrical charge expanding the liquid CO2 to its gas form. A powerful heaving force from the expanded CO2 of up to 39,000 psi (3000 bar) breaks through the material it has been placed into without damage to vessel walls.