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A bit about what we do

Buchen-ICS are a leading provider of silo cleaning services on a number of levels within industry and business. We are based out of Scunthorpe, and we serve clients all over the United Kingdom and across Europe. Our main services that we provide on a large scale for businesses are our bulk silos unblocking service and our industrial silo cleaning service.

Silo cleaning is an advanced cleaning process designed to maximise the efficiency of storage silos which can hold bulk powders and granules, with material fed through the top and taken out from the bottom. With our industrial silo cleaning service, we provide a wide range of hydraulic silo cleaning equipment, which includes Binwhip, Bindrill and Cardox, all of which are safe non-man entry systems. With our industrial silo cleaning service, there will be no need for confined space procedures, regardless of whether your capacity is lost due to there being hung up material or due to the vessel being bridged or plugged. The Pneumat systems silo cleaning service offer the expertise and equipment to deal with it safely, and we pride ourselves on delivering a quick, high-quality and client-friendly service to ensure that your industrial silos are cleaned without there being any impact upon business.

We also deliver a bulk silos unblocking service. As noted, silos can be blocked for a variety of reasons, from hung up material to the vessel being bridged or plugged, and there may be other factors involved. Our bulk silos unblocking service ensures that we cover all of the silos that your industrial site has in one major silo cleaning process. Again, we do this at a fast pace with minimal fuss and impact upon your business, but only after we identify the source of the issue and clean the silos out in such a manner that they should not become blocked again in future. We work with the intention of keeping the silos clean for the long-term future as opposed to simply removing any blockages and moving on.

We here at Buchen-ICS use our extensive knowledge and wealth of experience to deliver a quick, safe and high-quality silo cleaning service, whether you require bulk silos unblocking or industrial silo cleaning, and we want to make sure that your business moves along and that the industrial services that your company provides are not disrupted.

For more information about Buchen-ICS and the variety of silo cleaning services that we offer, you can visit www.silocleaninguk.com or you can call 01724 282164.