Silo Cleaning UK - Ten Moments To Remember From Farming in 2016

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Ten Moments To Remember From Farming in 2016

From more milk to high-quality milling wheat, there’s been some great news in the farming industry – especially in the last year. Here are the top 10 best moments of 2016 in the farming industry.


Slurry cover grant

Natural England introduced the Slurry Cover Grant under the Farming Ammonia Reduction Grant scheme last year. There’s £15.9 million available and so far there have been 253 applications. The reason behind the new grant is to reduce ammonia produced in agriculture, with the hope to reduce air pollution.


Clover could increase milk yield

Feeding pregnant cows clover compared to just grass has the potential to increase milk solids by 58kg per cow during the lactation period. This could mean farmers earn £200 more per cow for the year, or £630 per hectare.


The ‘Grow’ event for women in farming

FarmHer, a blog dedicated to celebrating women in agriculture, held their first nationwide event ‘Grow’ in 2016 to encourage schoolgirls to take up jobs in the farming industry. Although only in the US for now, the FarmHer team hope to become a global initiative in the near future.


Successful Christmas for turkey

Turkey producers reported a very happy Christmas indeed this year with price increases as big as 4% since 2015, A lot of turkey producers actually sold out of the big birds! Farmers have put this down to people wanting organic, home-grown produce compared to imported


Highest quality milling wheat for over a decade

Milling wheat has been the highest quality for 13 years. Just over 45% of the 2016 harvest samples met miller’s needs with the wheat reaching minimum industry standards of 13% protein, 250 Hagberg and 76kg/hl specific weight.


British Sugar set to boom

Sugar processor British Sugar is looking to recruit new growers into its family of 3600 beet farmers. It wants to restore beet supplies and increase sugar production at its factories in Cantley, Bury St Edmunds, Newark and Wissington. Beet growers can expect a price increase of £22/t for their crop next spring.


High yielding breadmaking wheat recommended

One of the Farmer’s Weekly Harvest 2016 top wheat varieties was a very high yielding bread-making wheat. Others in the list included arables such as various oilseeds and winter wheat.


NAAC announces new road safety campaign

The National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) announced the launch of the ‘Agri-Drive Safe’ campaign aimed at the safe use of agricultural contractors’ vehicles on public roads. The NAAC will hold a national conference at the East of England Showground on 14th December this year.


Income from farm diversification increase

A total of £580 million income was achieved from farm diversification last year. That means almost a third of total income for farms comes from diversification itself. This was a 9% increase compared to 2014.


Clean eating becomes popular

The public are becoming more clued up about healthy foods and some are even choosing to go for ‘clean eating’ with fresh fruit and veg. This ‘mindfulness’ about food could spark a boom in the agricultural industry for the next few years…