Silo Cleaning - Company History

Company History


Silo Cleaning UK’s Company history began as Pneumat System Inc. Pneumat System Inc started operations in 1982, serving the USA Midwest with a silo cleaning service. Dissatisfied with the limitations and effectiveness of the pneumatic silo cleaning systems of the time, they developed the hydraulic Binwhip and Bindrill. Since its introduction in 1987 it has continually been developed and improved upon. These Hydraulic systems have revolutionised non-man entry silo cleaning and Pneumat Inc is the sole manufacturers and worldwide distributors of the Hydraulic Binwhip and Bindrill systems.

Pneumat Inc opened its subsidiary Pneumat Systems (Europe) Ltd in 1999 to offer the same contracting and sales service to the UK and continental Europe. Armed with this state of the art equipment and expertise, Pneumat Europe became a rapid success. Now independent of the USA parent company, Pneumat Europe retain close links and act as European sales representatives for the USA manufacturers, Pneumat Systems Inc.