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Why non-man entry is the best solution for your Silo

In the past silo cleaning meant sending a person into the silo on safety ropes with safety harnesses and hoses, and relying on him or her to do a thorough job unblocking blockages and cleaning to the correct standards for health and safety.

Nowadays, however, we have the equipment and the technology to take away any need to send someone or even a team of people into a silo to clean it.

As a company who specialise in non-man entry of silos, we have silo specific equipment that ensures a thorough clean and an almost hands free approach silo services.

Silos used in agriculture, and processing industries are an essential part of produce production and it’s essential that they are kept in good working order. Often this is down to a silo being kept clean as a build up of material on the silo walls can cause all manner of problems. Microbial growth, contamination and pest infestations to name a few. Sending someone down a silo to clean it can be an option, but one that comes with a series of complications and legalities. For example, the dust caused when cleaning a silo can be dangerous to have around you and can cause damage to your lungs. There’s also ‘confined space entry’ to consider, which requires specialist training.

These things require training and safety equipment the average silo owner might miss and things that can be taken out of the equation when you choose a non-man entry cleaning process.

A solution to avoiding a man-entry silo cleaning service however, is easier than you may think. We have several pieces of equipment to fit an industrial silo and its industrial sized cleaning needs. Equipment like the Binwip, Bindrill and Cardox. These three silo cleaning instruments are powered using hydraulic power not air power unlike some pieces of equipment (the last thing you need is more dust?) and allow you more control without having to actually get down there yourself. The simplicity of just plugging it into an electrical supply with no need for air pressure consumption is just another positive to choosing these three silo solutions.

Silo cleaning is hard job for those who decide to take it on, but should be a hands free, simple process in aid of production.