Silo Cleaning UK - 5 Struggles Only People in Agriculture Industry Will Understand

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5 Struggles Only People In Agriculture Industry Will Understand.

As if it wasn’t tough enough working in an industry where the wages are often low, the work is back-breaking, and job security is close to non-existent, and the closest thing to glamour is being caked in mud all day –  there are many other aspects of agricultural work that normal folk just don’t understand:

It’s dangerous

Not only are agriculture workers more likely to get injured than any other profession, they’re also at the greatest risk of death too  – even more so than construction workers. Working with moving machinery and animals animals that bite and kick poses the obvious risks, but also hazardous activities such as silo cleaning, or cleaning water tanks and milk vats are also examples of working in confined spaces. This poses numerous dangers in terms of working with heights and the risk of breathing in unsafe atmospheres – which can lead to suffocation. Experts and experienced workers know well to carry out risk assessments, particularly confined spaces risk assessments – to neutralize potential dangers.

The weather doesn’t matter

Come rain, hail or sunshine, if the work needs to be done – it has to be done. While working outside amongst the fresh air has numerous health benefits – and on sunnier days, is a job that most office workers might be envious of – in the dead of winter when your fingers are numb and the cold bites through to your bones, that’s when you really earn your money.

There’s no such thing as a lie-in

If you’re an agricultural worker, then you’re not likely to be familiar with the idea of sleeping in until late. Whether it’s the need to give give animals food, or sterilizing equipment for milking or the noise of vehicles and machinery starting up – the potential to sleep past dawn is near impossible.

Setting up equipment can take as long as the job you’re trying to do

Tools, equipment and machinery are vital to complete most task in agriculture. Unfortunately, preparing them can a time-consuming business. Silo cleaning and maintenance experts for example, must carry out a risk assessment and then set-up the access equipment just to get on with their business.

Having holidays and time-off is for other people

The work never stops. Nature never has a day off, and those who make a living from it can’t either. While other people can put work to the bottom of their in-trays and set e-mail notifications for automated out-of-office replies, the slog of the agri worker means that delaying anything can have serious consequences for the business.