Silo Cleaning UK - 10 Latest Developments in Silo Cleaning

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Ten Latest Developments In Silo Cleaning.

Silo cleaning has come a long way since the days of its invention. While a much needed addition to farming, the upkeep of a silo at the start must have been quite an ordeal. However, in this day and age the demand for farms to get produce out at greater speeds has meant that the technology and techniques used for cleaning silo’s has also been made better to keep up with the demand. These developments have enabled farmers to produce grains, flour, corn and the many other crops at a safer, faster rate with less complications and contamination.

The technology of silo cleaning has become very advanced in recent years. Improving not just the lives of farmers but the entire industry of farming as a whole.


  1. Company Hire.


A huge development in silo cleaning are the companies that have been built and evolved with these developments. A silo owner can hire a team of cleaning experts to thoroughly clean a silo. This is indeed a job for a professional. It can be a very dangerous task and for someone to take it on themselves could result in, a less than to standard silo and at worst injury or death. The amount of companies out there is extensive, with a lot of them coming up with their own technologies and methods to enhance silo cleaning.


  1. BinWhip


A BinWhip is a tool used for unclogging silos in the feed, cement and grain industries. Pneumat Systems developed the hydraulic BinWhip in 1987 to great success and in doing this have developed it further to in keep with what farmers need in the 21st century. Hydraulically powered, portable and safe. It is much needed technology within this industry.

The BinWhip operates from the top of the bin lid and eliminates a lot of man power.


  1. Cardox Blaster


For more robust silo fillings, a Cardox Blaster is used as it has the power to break materials like coal and concrete by producing a controlled amount of CO2 liquid. This is a safe system that doesn’t present a fire hazard or much of a risk to the silo or its contents. In one powerful Cardox blast you can remove a lot of build-up.


  1. Acoustic Cleaning


Acoustic cleaning apparatus emits and generates very powerful sound waves that shake particles loose from inside the silo’s to remove build up. This takes a lot of man power out of the equation and can restore damage done by more powerful or harmful machinery.


  1. Air Cannon/Blaster


What it says on the tin. In a blast of air the bulk is forced to move and loosen from the surface. The cannon has to be strategically located and can be controlled manually or automatically depending on what the user fancies. The air unclogs, prevents bulk and dislodges build up. This can repeated quite often.


  1. No Confined Space Entry


Obviously it is up to the silo owner how they want their silo cleaned. But with all this technology and new methods, there are more ways now to avoid confined space entry. This is a development as confined space entry can in some cases be impractical and dangerous for the cleaners working inside the Silo. Technology like the BinWhip, BinDrill and Blasters take away this need.



  1. Rail spreaders


It’s not just the cleaning in the silo that matters but the keeping the contamination away from the produce before it’s even in the silo. Using Rail Spreaders helps this as it takes away the need for shovelling which can cross contaminate (not to mention labour intensive).


  1. Inflatable Pads and Liners


These are used to help stop build up on walls and are a good temporary solution if for some reason a silo owner can’t get their hands on something more industrial. Until then these are a good solution to a build-up problem.


  1. Industries Served


It’s not just farming that needs silo cleaning skills anymore. The industry has developed to include many industries that require the same, technologies, methods and techniques. Such as, bio fuels, coal, breweries, cement plants, paint products, glass, stone and clay.


  1. Rope Access Approaches


The traditional way of cleaning a silo by dangling someone dangerously by rope is long gone. The developments in safety in silo cleaning mean that a rope access approach to get machinery like the Cardox inside a silo is a safe option for hired companies to use and a silo owner can breathe a sigh of relief when watching their silo being cleaned with man power.