Silo Cleaning UK - What Will Farming Be Like in 100 Years

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What Will Farming Be Like In 100 Years?

The old fashioned ‘American Gothic’ farming idea has ended. While the farming and agricultural industry has seen technology advances to aid the farming process, the way we do things now could be nothing compared to how we’ll be farming 100 years from now.

The world is changing faster than we think. We’re inventing more, developing more and growing more. As humans we’re living longer with our expected age for the 2100’s being around 101 years old. That’s an extra 20 years of consumption and that’s all got to come from somewhere.

That’s the unclear thing about the future of farming. There is data showing both sides of the coin. Will farming blow up and become a thriving, secure business, or will it become a thing of the past?

While our future may be bright with the lights of all those new skyscrapers that will be towering over us, no amount of technology can prevent the natural disasters that plague farming. As humans we’re not known to be too caring to our environment so nobody is sure what kind of global warming beating we could be exposed to in the future. Because of this, many scientists are working on ways to grow ‘food’ without the need for a soil or even an outdoors. Food computers or controlled greenhouses could fix a lot of the world’s food issues but could also heavily damage the need for farmers. However, with the knowledge that our farmers have or will pass on, the need for digital farmers to run these food computers would guarantee jobs. Farmers of the future will be more like scientists.

Home Farming will become an everyday thing for most families in 100 years. Growing their own produce from their skyscraper flats in a mini modern farm. While this will delete some production from actual farms this doesn’t mean they’ll be breeding livestock from a balcony. However, a farm above them could be a very possibility. High rise rooftop farms are thought to be a very likely space saver in the future. As the world expands so does our cities. Farmers could be bought out of their land and placed on the roof of buildings (which will naturally be wider as the need for houses decreases and the need for apartments increases) Livestock grazing in top of rooftops could become a regular city sight. Moving farmers from the country to the city.

The main foods in the future cultivated by farmers will be wheat, rice and corn as we become a more health crazed race and less of us eat meat.

Obviously technology in farming will be transformed with the main goals making a farmers life easier and produce out faster. Silo cleaning companies may not be sending in teams to clean your silos, but selling you ones that do it themselves. Or robots. It could be robots.