Silo Cleaning UK - 10 Signs You Should Invest in Silo Cleaning

Silo Cleaning
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10 Signs You Should Invest in Silo Cleaning

Silos are important pieces of equipment. The only downside to them is that they need cleaning, and cleaning a silo is no easy task. Any silo owner knows this. They protect your produce from the outside world and all its dangers to your wheat and flour. It provides storage and avoids spoilage.

On your farm or land, a silo is a necessity when it comes to production. By not keeping a silo clean you could run into some real trouble. Knowing how to use a silo is one thing but cleaning a silo is another thing entirely. Investing in getting a company in to clean your silo is a good idea.

There are signs to pay attention to that tell you when a team should come in and clean your silo from top to bottom.

  1. Your silo is empty.

This is prime silo cleaning time. While silo cleaning doesn’t have to be done on a regular basis (twice a year seems to be the normal amount) it does have to be done when the silo is empty.

  1. When your silo isn’t empty

That being said, empting a silo completely can be quite difficult. Left over produce on the walls of a silo can cause issues for when it’s time to refill the silo.

  1. Leaks

While hiring a team means your silo gets a good cleaning, it also gets an inspection at the same time. Over 100’000 pounds of produce loss can be down to water damage due to a leak. Routine cleaning/ inspections can stop them in their tracks.

  1. Loss of capacity

Build up on the interior walls may seem like a small problem but over time it can really reduce the amount of produce in your silo. Diameter reduction in a silo can cause your silo to need emptying sooner loosing you money and time in the process.

  1. Mould

Mould is death to produce. Getting a silo cleaned helps avoid this. Especially if you happen to have your silo’s in windy areas. The heat generated by movement of produce can cause mould to begin.

  1. Hygiene regulations

Silos must adhere to hygiene regulations and not having a regularly cleaned silo. Not up keeping with cleaning could lead to food hazards, contamination and potential production shutdown. Having a team come in and clean everything means you will definitely be doing it right and legally.

  1. Deterioration

Silo don’t last forever. This is a fact and one day they will have to be replaced. However, it would seem wasteful to ignore having a silo cleaned and have it deteriorate faster.

  1. Flow disruption

You can tell when things are not going right. Built up material within the produce, clogging and general changes within flow can damage production.

  1. Contamination

Or at least the risk of contamination. You might change the type of produce you put into one silo and this could cause some contamination if the silo isn’t cleaned beforehand. It’s not always manageable to have more silos than you can manage so changing the produce inside is a fine thing to do as long as you’ve got someone cleaning it first.

10. It’s time.

As stated before, silo cleaning isn’t a weekly occurrence but it should be an important thing to remember. Mark it on your calendar.