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Arable Farming
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Arable Farming

October is upon us and that means one thing for specific farmers, its Arable Farming time.

Arable farming deals with cultivating crops on viable land. This can include, vegetables, plants and cereals. This time can be a challenging one those who make a living from farming the crops.

The farming takes time, but once it’s done the first time, it’s a case of repeating the process and hoping for some good weather, working machinery and constant dedication. What happens after the farming is just as important and can make or break produce.

Harvesting happens at the end of the growing season, when the crops are ready to be plucked out from their fields and taken to the next stage of the overall process. Depending on the farms development and the machinery used, this could take a mere thirty minutes. Back in the 19th century harvesting a bushel of wheat would take hours, now it could be done and dusted in five minutes.

The produce is graded before it is stored. This process differs between commodities, depending on the future use. Properties such as protein, sugar and oil are important in testing the quality of the produce. Weight, moisture, damage and checking for foreign objects are also factors that are a priority when grading. This allows the buyer to base their purchase on the quality and specification of the grain.

After harvesting and grading it’s time for the produce to be stored. There is only one place for the grains and other commodities to go, into a silo.

Silo’s store bulk measures of produce and protect it from the damage that could occur if it wasn’t stored inside one. Without storage the produce is vulnerable to rodents and insects, resulting in losses. Another issue is contamination. Silos are clean, solid and strong, when looked after properly there is very little getting in there to damage the produce.  Microbial growth, contamination and pest infestations are all things that can destroy produce. Without the use of a silo these are almost guaranteed. Produce must be stored in silo.

With trade as high at is for arable farming it is important to every business involved that the quality of the product is undoubted. It is a business that survives on buying and selling, for this to be successful the quality of the stock needs to be 100%. Without silo storage, that percentage only decreases.