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Agriculture and Horticulture Job Opportunities

Considering a job in the agriculture or horticulture sector? From farming apprenticeships from management opportunities, these industries offer a wide range of opportunities to suit every level of skill and experience. We’ve whittled down a list with just a few of the many different options to help you kick start your hunt for a new career:

Tree Surgeon

Trees are vital for everything from oxidising the air to providing a habitat for many different species of wildlife. As a tree surgeon, your role would be both to maintain trees and look after their wellbeing, and to deal with any hazards that they might cause.

What You Need: This is a very practical job which requires a lot of physical activity, so stamina is important. You’ll also need to get some training to use the necessary equipment – some companies offer apprenticeships as a route into this role.

Agricultural Marketing 

If you’re interested in agriculture, but from a business perspective, agricultural marketing may well be the role for you. While you’ll be responsible for spreading information and drumming up interest rather than physical work, a strong understanding of the industry is absolutely vital.

What You Need: A marketing background and a passion for the industry!

Silo Cleaning/Industrial Cleaning

Cleaning silos and other industrial, agricultural machinery is a specialist job which requires an understanding of the equipment as well as the silo storage process. Containing goods in silos is the vital bridge between harvesting and distributing crops and other produce, so your role would be to ensure that this invaluable equipment is able to store goods efficiently and safely.

What You Need: Diligence, attention to detail and a strong work ethic; training in using the specialist cleaning equipment and other aspects of the job.

Garden Historian

One for the academics: becoming a garden historian means committing to researching and distributing information about the history of gardens, with an aim of helping to preserve beautiful gardens across the country, and help the general public learn more about them.

What You Need: You can get into this role whether you have a background in history or horticulture – the most important thing is a genuine love for your research, and a desire to help organisations that look after historic gardens.

Plant Breeder 

Plant breeding is extremely important for the advancement of both the agricultural and the horticultural industries, whether that means improving the hardiness of plants, their appearance, or developing other useful traits which will benefit the market.

What You Need: This is a highly scientific role which requires a good degree in aa relevant scientific discipline. To be more competitive in the field, it may also be worth studying for a postgraduate qualification.


Hopefully, we’ve demonstrated just how much choice there is for anybody with an interest and enthusiasm for horticulture and agriculture. There are many other jobs available, or course – this is just a taster of the many exciting opportunities that this industry has to offer!