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Padlock and Hasp Method

Padlocks and hasps are one of the most common security measures taken to protect farm equipment, silos, materials, and operations. The method is ideal when it comes to offering protection on a temporary basis. There isn’t a padlock or hasp that cannot be broken or opened. It is the amount of delay that the lock and hasp provides that ensures an area is securely protected.

There are certain things you need to check before using a hasp. First of all, you should check to see if the door or opening can be opened from the side opposite the lock. You should also cover the screws or bolts attaching the hasp to the door or opening. Most hasps are designed to cover these if properly installed. You should place the hasp securely on the door or opening to prevent easy removal. Hasps that are bolted directly through the door are the most effective. Also, you should avoid short wood screws in the hasp that can be easily pried out. If using a chain or cable to secure a gate, you should ensure that it cannot be easily lifted off either the gatepost or the gate itself. Always make sure that you use a hasp, chain, or cable that can provide the same level security as your padlock.

There also certain things that you need to consider before purchasing a padlock. First of all, you need to keep the value of the silo and its contents in mind when you select a padlock. Not all padlocks adapt well to being outdoors. Therefore, if your padlock is not weatherproof, you may find that you are unable to open it in a few months.  The lock should have a hardened shank. This will make it harder to break open, which will delay any thieves. If the lock is going to be used in an area of a silo where it will be unobserved for a log period of time, or somewhere that you have had break-ins before, you may want to consider a shank in addition to the padlock. Also, do you want to use a combination or key lock padlock? Usually, combination locks aren’t as robust or as weather proof as a keyed padlock.

If in doubt, you could ask a locksmith for there expertise when it comes to selecting the most suitable padlock and hasp for a silo, due to the fact that every silo is different and contain a wide variety of products/materials.

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