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The Future of Farming

The world of farming is completely different today than it was when it first started out. Due to changes in technology as well as new discoveries, the traditional farming methods are slowly drifting away. But is this necessarily a bad thing? And what does it mean for the future of farming?

There are over seven billion people in the world and that number is expected to reach around nine billion by 2050. That is a highly significant number of people to feed, but with the right technical changes in the agricultural system, it should be more than doable. Farmers use technology to make advances when it comes to producing more food for a growing world. Through the use of technology, each farmer is able to feed around 155 people today, whereas during 1940 a farmer could only feed around 19 people. Farmers use technologies such as motorised equipment, modified housing for animals and biotechnology. Each one of these allows for high levels of improvement in farming. As a result of better technology, farmers have been able to feed more people without spending as much time in the fields.

As well as this, through the use of technologies, farmers are able to provide extra care for the fields. Farmers are working hard to control the waste that is generated by farming and many have implemented Nutrient Management Plans in order to assist with this further. These plans are designed to track how waste (for example, water and manure) is stored on the farm and how manure is used as a fertiliser.

These days, farms are growing in size due to increased efficiency. In the past, cows were milked by hand, but today they are milked with special machines that save a considerable amount of time. This allows farmers to milk more cows, which in turn produces even more milk.

Although all these changes have resulted in a huge step away from traditional farming methods, it doesn’t necessarily mean that agriculture is coming to a complete end. Despite all the changes, one thing remains the same about the world of farming – families themselves still own and operate farms. So, although there is a lot more assistance with regards to new technologies, farmers and their families are still working hard to bring nutritious and affordable food to your dinner table.

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