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What is Kept in Aerated Silos?

Aeration is the process of moving air through stored grain to reduce the rate of grain deterioration and help prevent storage losses. Spoilage in stored grain is caused by mold growth and insect activity, which is related to the moisture content and temperature of the grain being stored. Aeration significantly improves the quality of the grain and makes it more storable by maintaining a cool, uniform temperature throughout, which in-turn decreases the chance of mold development, insect activity and moisture migration.

Aeration is extremely useful when it comes to causing powders and granular materials to move efficiently and quickly, along with minimal maintenance. Aeration also helps to prevent issues such as bridging and compacting. It is much easier and much more effective to complete aeration in steel silos. Aeration horsepower is a non-linear function of grain depth. Therefore, it is often impossible to provide the same airflow in tall concrete silos that could be obtained in shorter and wider silos (for example, steel silos). A higher grain depth also leads to a higher heat of compression in the aeration system.  This means it takes a lower outside temperature to achieve the same grain temperature, making early aeration more difficult.

The benefits of silo cleaning are completely dependent upon the type of silo that you have. Maintaining a regular cleaning program that is suited to your particular silo will provide you with significant benefits. Silo cleaning and maintenance is a vital part of ensuring that your storage container is operating to its maximum efficiency. Having your silo regularly cleaned and inspected is crucial when it comes to protecting your materials. Every so often, specialist silo cleaning is required to prevent the build up of residue on the internal sides and discharge areas of your silo. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your silo can also help you to ensure that the material stored within it can be easily removed when you need it. Therefore, it is crucial that your silo is cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that no mold, rot or parasites are attacking the content within it. If these kind of problems are left untreated then it could lead to a significant loss of revenue for your business/organisation.