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5 tips for avoiding blocked silos in food production

Keeping your silo in check is certainly no easy thing to do. If you want to get the most out of your food production silo, one of the most important factors is ensuring that there are no blockages. Blockages, after all, mean you’re not getting the most from your silo. But hey, don’t worry – there are certain steps you can take to prevent and avoid blocked silos in food production.


Regular Maintenance
Regular maintenance on your silo is vital if you’re to ensure that blockages don’t build up. Good housekeeping will ensure that your silo is always in top condition, and ready for the next load of grain, and you won’t have to worry about potential problems later down the line.


Correct Unloading
Unloading the silo is another place where blockages may occur. If it’s not carried out correctly, ensuring a dispersal that’s aligned to the exit, then you can end up with certain foodstuffs blocking the exit points – and that’s helpful for precisely no-one in your company.


Poor Exits
It makes sense, right? If you’re looking to avoid blocking up your silo, then the path to the exit needs to be clear – but so, too, does the exit itself. If the silo exit has been poorly designed, then that’s going to come back to haunt you when it comes to unblocking foodstuffs.


Bridging Danger
Bridging happens inside silos that hold water-absorbing food products, like sugar. Once the food has mixed with water, it bonds together and hardens. If this occurs, then it can negatively impact on the silo’s operations, even obstructing the powder flow. The only way to remove any bridging is to break it up, which is a risky business.


Let It Flow
Really want to stop blockages in your silo? Then, where possible, try to ensure there’s some sort of regular flow to the products you’re storing. By keeping those foodstuffs in motion, you’ll be able to prevent bridging or ratholing. This may require further equipment to bring a little flow to your silo, but if you frequently suffer from a blocked silo in food production, this may be worth looking into.


Keeping your food production silo in shape isn’t always the easiest of jobs, but it’s by no means impossible to avoid blockages. Is it time to get your silo sorted? If you’re in need of silo maintenance to bring yours up to scratch, then we’re on-call to help.