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Industrial Cleaning & the importance of PPE

PPE – it might not stand for Pretty Powerful Equipment, but it might as well do. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is anything item of clothing that will increase your safety at work. Those hi-viz jackets are PPE: they increase the wearer’s visibility. Haz-mat suits are PPE. Safety hats. Googles. Oxygen tanks. Visors (for blow-torches, not old-fashioned accountants. Although they did protect their eyes from the light, so actually…).


There are plenty of industries that make use of protective clothing that shields their employees from harm. There are also legal obligations to the employer to fulfill, making sure the PPE is in top shape. So it’s pretty vital stuff. In the field of industrial cleaning, one of the most important pieces they use is the respirator. No-one wants to breath in all the chemicals found in heavy duty cleaning fluids – that would cause serious harm.


Along with the respirator, the eyes of your typical industrial cleaner will be protected too. There are plenty of different types of face masks, from eyes-only to full-facial. Don’t breathe it in, don’t rub it in. These sorts of protective personal items keep the essentials – the head and face – safe from harmful chemicals.


The body is no less protected, of course. For a particularly small job, you might see a professional industrial cleaner wearing tough aprons or wrap-arounds. For bigger jobs, expect a full body suit that covers arms, legs and body. This way, the wearer isn’t exposed to chemicals that might bring a shine to a tank, but can have devastating impact on flesh.


Almost every kind of manual labour requires protection for the hands, and industrial cleaning is no different. These sorts of gloves prevent chemical spills and sprays affecting staff, or passing from hand to mouth. With some study boots that are resistant to chemicals, your industrial cleaner is as safe as houses – if houses were totally protected from hazardous substances.


Industrial cleaning is one of the toughest jobs on the planet. The work can be intensive, but also can be incredibly risky without proper equipment – there wouldn’t be many fit industrial cleaners without PPE. Chemicals are one of the main threats to a cleaner’s well-being, but by providing the right sort of protection, you can make a real impact on any potential risks.


Maintaining excellent PPE is a core task in sectors like industrial cleaning, where, without protective equipment and a keen, professional outlook, preventable accidents really will happen. Keeping employees protected – and having them know they’re being protected – allows them to work confidently and, most importantly, safely.